It’s no secret luxury watches go perfect together with fast cars. And their owners. We’ve met many collectors with many timepieces and cars in their posession, but it’s quite rare that we would get a one-on-one sit down and chat with a World Champion in Formula One, who also happens to own about 60 watches and some of the fastest and meanest cars today.


Last week we had a great opportunity to sit down and talk watches with the man himself – Lewis Hamilton. Brand ambassador of IWC, and a champion of many titles, if you know anything about racing or cars you’ve heard his name at least a dozen times. Our team was very eager to know what the Champ had to say about his second passion – watchmaking. So while visiting Dubai IWC had arranged for us to get a sit down with Lewis, and find out more about his relation with the industry. And if reading isn’t really your thing we suggest to watch the video of our interview.

Lewis is a very down to Earth guy, and we can definitely relate with him when it comes to the background and how he got into watches. Starting with a simple but cool looking (as cool as a watch can look to you if you’re a 15 year old boy who’s never seen a luxury timepiece) watch that has a brand name you can’t even remember, and making your way up the price range as you grow in your career.





Now, that Mr. Hamilton is all grown up he knows exactly what he wants to see in his watch. While the technical side is obviously important, he pays a lot of attention to the look of his watch, and as he told us in the interview his perfect watch has a big case, is probably made of gold with a visible movement and nice accents on the dial. Sounds familiar? How about the IWC Ingenieur..?



IWC Ingenieur is exactly what he went for when creating his own limited edition as a brand ambassador. However we didn’t see much gold there, Lewis was feeling more casual and perhaps under the influence of the race track. We see that when it comes to the cool accents of carbon on the dial, and (of course) the metal bracelet. That chronograph is definitely one mean looking watch.


And although we didn’t get to ask him the question we had in mind (who’d win in a fight between a sandwich and a burrito, that is) he did give us more insight on what he thinks of the watch industry, IWC and his collection, so if you didn’t get to see the video yet we encourage you to watch it. And hope you enjoyed the article.

Photography by Harriette Nero Goc-Ong

Videography by James N Cole for
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