The party people over at SEVENFRIDAY have once again done what we expect from them, which is to say, the unexpected.


The new HBD2


It’s a cocoon, fashioned from 100% recyclable plastic, that protects your SEVENFRIDAY watch from what ever your lifestyle throws at it.


Regardless of how badass your weekend warrior activities; dropping Corbet’s couloir at Jackson Hole, Hydroflying on the Gold Coast, or simply punishing a beach bar in Mykonos, the HBD2 has your watch covered. The rest of your possessions and person are up to you, though.

Foosball is a surprisingly hardcore pursuit

Foosball is a surprisingly hardcore pursuit

The translucent fluoro cube is a bold look that definitely adds drama to even the most confident of  ensembles . The case has a black polycarbonate bezel and double latches that protect your SEVENFRIDAY when the straps are removed.

It goes beautifully with Eddie Murphy's jacket from Delirious

It goes beautifully with Eddie Murphy’s jacket from Delirious

The dual lock closes from both top and bottom to hermitically seal your watch from the harmful effects of sun, sand, sea and snow, also, should you happen to spill your third Caipirinha all over it then that’s fine too .

Perfect for people who have friends who also have wrists

Perfect for people who have friends who also have wrists

The black polyurethane straps with adjustable Velcro come in two sizes: one to fit your wrist, and one to throw over ski suits, racing suits, and if you feel like it, Saville Row suits. Three silicone adapters ensure that whether your style mood is Ferragamo or Supreme, the HDB2 is compatible with any and all SEVENFRIDAY watches.


Limited to an amount of 1.000 pieces in total, the HDB2 will be exclusively sold at the SEVENFRIDAY Spaces and the Webshop.

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