Watch Anish started as an idea from the one and only… you guessed it, Anish Bhatt. His vision was to create a new space for luxury watches and menswear to thrive in, and to appeal to a broader market. 

Back when Watch Anish was in its infancy, watch imagery was largely focused around posters of a distinguished gentleman, sitting at a table, elbow firmly placed on the table, knuckles resting on the chin, with his watch of choice on his wrist for the world to see. It was the same for almost every single brand out there. This in itself was slightly odd, as a watch is such an individual statement piece that it was surprising that these iconic brands didn’t do more with what they had. At least, that’s what Anish felt.


This sparked Anish’s journey into the world of blogging, brand advertising and marketing. His vision was to bring something fresh, raw, sexy, untamed, yet highly refined and distinguished for watch and luxury lovers. Something not only a “gentlemen” could appreciate, but also the style and image conscious, up-and-coming generation.

Since then, Watch Anish has gone from strength to strength. We have gone from being a Blog, primarily about watches, to a men’s luxury fashion and lifestyle portal through Instagram, (where we are humbled to say we have grown to almost two million followers), to utilizing Vlogging to showcase the best luxury items this world has to offer, to a PR, Marketing, Social Media, Brand Consulting & Web Development agency that works with the world’s biggest and most luxurious brands, and finally, to our upcoming eCommerce website, where we will showcase not only Watch Anish exclusive products and collaborations, but also unique and bespoke items for sale and informative articles and news from within the luxury world.